Steph In Prison - Watch the webisodes

To coincide with the return of Steph Scully, each Monday a webisode covering her time in jail provide an insight into her actions while she is in Erinsborough.

To coincide with the eagerly anticipated return of Neighbours favourite Steph Scully (Carla Bonner), stay tuned to the Channel 5 website for webisodes with exclusive bonus scenes.

Each Monday for the next five weeks, a webisode containing private conversations with Steph’s pyschariatist during her time in jail provide an insight into Steph’s actions while she is in Erinsborough.

Tune in for Steph's return on Monday 13 May, 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

Watch the webisodes

Steph In Prison - Webisode 1
Steph In Prison - Webisode 2
Steph In Prison - Webisode 3

Scott Major Q&A

The webisodes were directed by Neighours star Scott Major, who tells us more about the filming process below.

As you were part of Steph’s storyline which resulted in her going to prison, did this have an impact on how you directed the webisodes?
No, not really. Obviously having an intimate knowledge of her storyline and her past informed me as a director, but I didn’t let it influence how I approached it – you have to go into fresh.

The webisodes feature a lot of tight, close-ups of Steph which really added to the intensity of the scenes. Was this your idea and why?
Yes, it was my idea. I made sure I cleared it with production that I was allowed to shoot these scenes very differently from Neighbours and the reason was to get into Steph’s head. I wanted viewers to be a little uncomfortable, make them feel they were intruding on these private conversations.

Do you think viewers will have a different opinion of Steph’s actions after seeing the webisodes?
I hope the webisodes give a bit of an insight of what Steph went through in prison and what she lived through. If people tune into the webisodes, they will definitely get three dimensional view of what Steph is about.

Would you like to move more into directing or is acting still your passion?
I would like to keep going with both because particularly in Australia the more strings you have to your bow, the more chance you have of working. But I love both.