Summer of love on Ramsay Street

Spoiler alert! In our sneak peek of upcoming episodes, we reveal which Ramsay Street faces will be puckering up over the months ahead.

Spoiler alert!

Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here? Judging by our sneak peek shots from upcoming episodes, Neighbours fans can look forward to a summer of love on Ramsay Street, with some of our favourite faces set to lock lips.

Embracing the single life, Summer strikes a chord with Red Cotton lead singer Griffin but, from Andrew’s expression, he finds the whole thing off-key.

Meanwhile, PR consultant Zoe has an interesting strategy for trying to make over client Paul's public image, not that he seems to have any objection.

When Dr Smooth himself, Rhys Lawson, makes a house call, Vanessa seems pretty happy with the prognosis - although we suspect that Lucas may want a second opinion.

And what's this we see: are Kate and Kyle in line for a fling? You'll have to keep watching to find out, but show producers are quick to point out that the cosy get-together may be a 'dream' come true for someone - and a nightmare for another...