Summer to get a wingman

Chris Pappas will assume a new role in his ex-girlfriend's life, James Mason has revealed.

Summer to get a wingman

It may not have worked out between Summer and Chris, but that doesn't mean they can't still be friends.

In fact, he may prove himself to be a very good friend indeed, when he tries to play Cupid for his ex.

James Mason, who plays the newly outed gay teenager, gives us a hint of what was ahead for his character.

'Chris becomes a bit of a wingman for Summer, helping her to try and find someone to forget about her failed romance with Chris,' he says. 'Chris feels guilty about everything that had happened and tries to make it up to Summer.'

Hmm, who could the lucky man be, do you reckon?

Meanwhile, James reveals  he was surprised by how well fans have responded to his character, who admitted he was gay a few weeks ago, making him the first gay male regular character on Ramsay Street.

'The feedback so far has been surprisingly fantastic. Usually there's both positive and negative, but personally I've only received positive feedback from people.'

And now James just wants the best for Chris.

'Ultimately I think it would be great for Chris to find happiness. I think this would show that great things can come from such a tough situation,' he says.

And with a possible romance on the cards for Chris, he may find happiness after all. Watch this space!