Suspect #4: Did Diana push PR?

Getting ditched by Paul in the boardroom and the bedroom adds up to more than Diana can take, so has she acted out the ultimate revenge?

Suspect #4: Did Diana push PR?

Diana Marshall

Paul has jilted his fair share of women, but getting ditched in the boardroom and the bedroom adds up to more than Diana can take. Paul's former business partner doesn't take well to humiliation, and after getting her marching orders, surely it would only take a call to friends in high places to erase her biggest mistake.

Vital stats

Relationship: Ex-lover and business partner
Most likely to be heard saying: 'The only thing that will make me feel better is annihilating Paul…'
Worst crime to date: Trying to oust Paul from Lassiter's
Last seen: Outside Lassiter's, on the phone to a mystery associate


A true survivor, Diana's sole mission in life has always been to work her way to the top - and to stay there. Until recently, as Paul's boss, she was responsible for running Lassiter's from her New York office, but it's outside of the boardroom that her history with the Ramsay Street lothario is most complicated. Diana turned out to be just another of Paul's flings, and it seems beneath her no-nonsense exterior she still hasn't quite recovered from the heartbreak.

Returning to Erinsborough to either force Paul to fall back in love with her or simply destroy him, it seems that the latter has come first - and how better than by edging him out from the empire he seems to prize more highly than any of his so-called loves. We're sure that Dirty Diana's got the brains to do the deed in time but, especially after Paul's front-page smear campaign, has she decided that it'd be far easier just to give him a shove off the balcony of his beloved Lassiter's?