Tash's aunt hits Ramsay Street

With Tash's long-lost aunt getting ready to hit Ramsay Street, family drama looks set to reach a whole new level for the Williamses.

Tash's aunt hits Ramsay Street

As principal of Erinsborough High and dad to one of Ramsay Street's most unruly teens, Michael Williams is no stranger to life's dramas - and all that looks set to reach a whole new level, with news that leading Aussie actress Freya Stafford has been cast as Tash's long-lost aunt Emilia.

Best known for her roles in White Collar Blue and Small Claims, Freya has signed to the soap for a six-month period, and joins a line-up of recently confirmed guest stars including John Wood, Bob Morley, HaiHaLee, Ben Barber and Orpheus Pledger.

The arrival of Freya as Emilia threatens to expose a myriad of secrets and lies, and comes during what's already shaping up to be a life-changing year for the Williamses.

Neighbours' executive producer, Susan Bower, recently told Digital Spy that filming has begun on an exciting plot for the family, which marks 'the beginning of Tash wanting to find out more about her dead mother', and teases a secret that will be revealed in three parts and 'will change their lives forever'.

Freya films her first scenes this week and will be seen on screen in Australia from late September.