Toadie's cousin Georgie hits Ramsay Street

After an audition with a twist, Neighbours newcomer Saskia Hampele is set to make her Erinsborough debut as a member of Toadie's already growing family.

When Neighbours’ latest recruit Saskia Hampele received a frantic call from her agent about a regular role on the soap, the budding actress was in the wilderness of Kakadu.

The stunning blonde was tagging along with her boyfriend, Aussie TV presenter Kayne Tremills, while he was filming in the Northern Territory when she was invited to record an impromptu audition for the Neighbours producers.

'Yeah, it was really funny. The backdrop of the audition is outback Australia, a far cry from Ramsay Street,' laughs Saskia.

A qualified social worker, Saskia has been a counsellor at the Reach Foundation and Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital cancer ward in between acting jobs, which have so far included support roles in films and drama series such as City Homicide.

As the cousin of longtime favourite Toadie (Ryan Moloney), Saskia's Erinsborough alter ego Georgie Brookes already has an established bloodline - and the beginnings of the character have left the star in no doubt that the role was simply meant to be.

'The character was originally called Daisy, the nickname Kayne and my friends call me, which is a little bizarre but obviously a good omen,' Saskia explains.

Saskia's first scenes as Georgie will air in early October in Australia and in November on Channel 5.

Comments (5)

  • Geo Kay

    1 year ago

    Geo Kay

    Saskia is very easy on the eye but the character is appaling - just too ditzy by far, no way could she be a nurse, but then the programme is struggling, I think

  • Kate

    over 1 year ago


    Channel 5 have you got the character's name wrong? All the other sources seem to be calling her Georgia.

  • sam

    over 1 year ago


    neighbours needs a big shake up badly,bring in some bold charactors yes angie was a hoot so were the timmins family...big mistake in getting rid of them...more robinsons and ramsays as they are the core and history of the street...whats with andrew robinson,he sounds scotish to me,and whats with being blond, his mum was italian and dark brunette,summer is anoying and has no ties to the street so she needs to go

  • James Shearer

    over 1 year ago

    James Shearer

    Speaking of Toadie's relatives I also so want them to bring Angie back. An Angie/Sheila double act could be the Harold/Lou partnership that's been missing for a while. It could be comedy genius and great potential for older characters and teenager together storylines...

  • James Shearer

    over 1 year ago

    James Shearer

    I wonder if she is a Rebecchi or from Angie's side of the family. Is she more akin to Tad or Stinger?!