• Episode 24: The Janus List

    In the midst of probing a serious bomb threat, Don and Charlie uncover a deadly secret that could change their lives and the lives of the team forever.

  • Episode 23: Money For Nothing

    $50 million in medical relief is up for grabs after the shipment is stolen, with Don and the team racing blackmarketeers for the supplies.

  • Episode 22: Under Pressure

    Don and the team take on unknown terrorists who may be using nerve gas to undermine the Los Angeles water supply.

  • Episode 21: The Art Of Reckoning

    A former hit-man who is now on death row assists Don in an investigation, but the detective finds himself questioning the killer's motives.

  • Episode 20: Burn Rate

    Don probes a series of bombings and calls in Charlie to help find the bomber, but they disagree over who the culprit is. Is it a new terrorist or an old enemy?

  • Episode 11: Killer Chat

    Don and Charlie track a murderer who has killed several sex predators who took advantage of teenage girls they met in internet chat rooms.

  • Episode 10: Brutus

    When a California State Senator and a psychiatrist turn up dead, Don has a hunch that - despite appearances to the contrary - the murders are related.

  • Episode 9: Waste Not

    Don and the team investigate when several children are injured after a sinkhole collapses underneath a school playground.

  • Episode 8: Hardball

    When Don and his team investigate the death of a minor league baseball player, a fantasy league member leads the FBI to a possible motive and potential killer.

  • Episode 7: Blackout

    When blackouts leave LA in the dark, Don must work with his team to find out if the power outages are a catastrophic accident or a more sinister terrorist plot.