Season 4 - Episode 9: Graphic


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The theft of an ultra-rare comic book worth $2 million gives David (Alimi Ballard) the chance to reveal his inner geek in this week’s episode, which guest stars Christopher Lloyd as the comic’s original creator, Ross Moore. But the investigation into the robbery of the priceless strip is disrupted when it is subsequently forged, leaving the team with a far greater conspiracy on their hands – and with Don (Rob Morrow) still brooding over last week’s break-up with Liz, it falls to Charlie (David Krumholtz) to play the hero as they seek the super-villain behind the crime. Can he shake off the unwanted distraction of a Vanity Fair reporter attracted to his new-found fame and solve this complicated case?

Working on the theory that someone is flooding the market with forgeries to try and reduce the value of the original comic, Charlie hunts for someone who had it in for its owner, Miles Sklar (Wil Wheaton). Miles’s businesslike approach to comics is widely unpopular, however, leaving Charlie with a number of suspects – among them comic connoisseur and friend of Moore’s Seth Marlowe (Ben Feldman). Acting on a hunch, Charlie digs deeper into Seth’s antipathy towards Miles, uncovering the dangerous criminal connection behind the fraud.

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