Season 4 - Episode 4: Thirteen


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There’s good news for Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz) this week as his new maths book is published, but his celebrations are short-lived when he’s called in to help with a particularly grisly murder case.

A stock analyst has been brutally tortured over a period of several weeks, before being killed and left in a room with Old Testament verses written on the walls. Also on one of the walls is a numbered grid, and it’s up to Charlie to figure out whether the numbers represent some sort of code. He soon discovers that the grid reveals the phone number of the killer’s next victim, but his brother Don (Rob Morrow) and the rest of the FBI team are unable to reach the target in time to prevent a second murder – and the killings continue.

As the agents step up their hunt for the bible-obsessed serial killer, Charlie realises that the increasingly indecipherable grids might not relate to maths at all, but numerology. Going against his scientific instincts, Charlie enlists the aid of numerology expert Alex Trowbridge (Andrea Roth) in the hope that, working together, they might just be able to get one step ahead of the killer.

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