Season 4 - Episode 1: Trust Metric

Episode 1: Trust Metric

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FBI agent Colby Granger (Dylan Bruno), locked up for admitting to working as a spy for the Chinese, makes a daring escape and goes on the run.

Don Eppes (Rob Morrow), Colby’s former boss, immediately rounds up the rest of his FBI team to set about catching the man they once called a friend. However, when Colby makes a surprise phone call to Don and claims that he is actually a triple agent who has been feeding the Chinese false information, Don and the team suddenly have a dilemma on their hands. Do they believe a man they once trusted and go to his aid, or continue with their mission to bring him in?

Don’s brother, maths genius Charlie (David Krumholtz), thinks he can help. Using a psychology measurement known as a ‘trust metric’, he comes up with a formula to establish whether or not Colby should be believed. In the end, however, it’s up to Don to decide for himself whether he trusts not only his one-time friend, but also his own judgement. Look out for Hollywood star Val Kilmer making a guest appearance as a Chinese spy who doesn’t take kindly to betrayal.

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