Season 4 - Episode 3: Velocity

Episode 3: Velocity

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David (Alimi Ballard) and Don (Rob Morrow) examine a scene of total destruction as the new series of Numb3rs continues on Five USA. When 17-year-old Kyle Clippard (Michael Welch) appears to lose control of his car, he sends it smashing into a packed café, killing an innocent street vendor.

Discovering that much of Kyle’s car was made up of stolen parts, the team suspect that he was involved in illegal night-time drag racing, which is rife in the city. Unable to question Kyle, who is in a coma after the incident, David and Megan (Diane Farr) visit the hospital to speak with his doctor. The doctor tells them that Kyle has suffered two different sets of injuries – broken bones as a result of the crash, but also heavy blows to the head that could only have happened after the incident. More worrying, distinctive boot marks were found on Kyle’s face.

Meanwhile, Charlie (David Krumholtz) is sent by Dr Larry Fleinhardt (Peter MacNicol) to speak with ace mechanic Ray Galuski (Chris Bauer). An expert in deducing why technical equipment goes wrong, Ray uses computer technology in an attempt to find out if Kyle’s car was crashed on purpose, or if it was simply a terrible accident.

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