Series 1 - Wednesday 16 February

Jenny and Jeff

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Boy George is in the studio tonight and we’ll be finding out all about his first album in 10 years.
Kate Walsh and Matt Johnson present a lively mix of celebrity gossip, big name interviews and features from the worlds of fame, music and fashion.


  • Series 1 - Thursday 17 February

    Chart topping boyband JLS are in the studio. We’ll be finding out how they’re coping with their success and they’ll be performing their new single.


  • Series 1 - Tuesday 15 February

    Patsy Kensit is in the studio tonight and we’ll be finding out all the backstage gossip from the Strictly Come Dancing Tour.

  • Series 1 - Monday 14 February

    It’s our first show and we’ve got an exclusive interview with Louis Walsh. We’ll be putting your questions to him and finding out the truth behind all those X Factor rumours.

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  • Robyxd01

    12 months ago


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  • john19255

    almost 3 years ago



  • sharon

    3 years ago


    Hi Sorry to say but the new presenters are not good enough they just seem to smile and giggle . I will give them till the end of the week but they are not representing OK in a good way.

  • Cazza bluerose

    3 years ago

    Cazza bluerose

    Loved seeing Josie back on our t.v's such a natural funny girl !!! Good luck for the future hun All the best from JJJAT xxxx

  • clare

    3 years ago


    josie Gibson was great onthe show last night looking forward to seeing her proofon again next week.Well done Josie!

  • Jamie

    3 years ago


    Great to see Josie Gibson on our TV again, wicked sense of humour and and she is one pretty lady. Think her and Matt have great chemistry

  • Nicki

    3 years ago


    Now if Josie Gibson was on every OK! show i'd watch every single one of them!

  • marlena

    3 years ago


    saw your show from the US, pretty good but the new girl today, Josie Gibson made the show just a bit more she a new feature? would be more likely to view daily if she was always on.

  • Jenny

    3 years ago


    Hey Josie U really nailed it tonight,great job,like a breath of fresh air! Not sure about Matt though,think Brian would be better.

  • Lindy

    3 years ago


    Fantastic job Josie Gibson. OK please put her on more than once a week!!!

  • lynn

    3 years ago


    josie what a natural fun laughter lite the show up need to see more of her.good job josie u did brilliant.

  • Jane Dawkins

    3 years ago

    Jane Dawkins

    josie was brilliant,relaxed and so funny, felt like she was sitting on my sofa at home having a chat. love her.

  • Louise

    3 years ago


    More of Josie Gibson please-she is brilliant


    3 years ago



  • MARK

    3 years ago



  • crisikins

    3 years ago


    Enjoyed seeing Josie on your show today - she was brilliant. Will definitely watch next Wednesday when she is on again.

  • @gimmeyatweet

    3 years ago


    WoW loved josie on the show, she light the screen up,so natural would love to see more of her

  • avisyvette

    3 years ago


    Josie Gibson - what a natural on TV with such personality and warmth. Matt and Josie certainly had a rapport - what a presenting team they would make. We really need to see more of Josie. Once a week is not enough.

  • carole2222

    3 years ago


    josie was great we need to see more of her

  • Stephanie McCurdy

    3 years ago

    Stephanie McCurdy

    I really enjoyed tonights show. Josie Gibson is a natural on TV. So funny and refreshing. Please give her a longer slot. She's akeeper!!!!!

  • Julia

    3 years ago


    Loved seeing Josie on the show, she is anatural and so funny, lights up the screen

  • Joyce

    3 years ago


    Loved Josie on the show, a ray of sunshine. Wise choice picking her.

  • Jeanette (Voddie)

    3 years ago

    Jeanette (Voddie)

    Josie Gibson is a natural she deserves more air time

  • @nanniehow (Janet Jex)

    3 years ago

    @nanniehow (Janet Jex)

    Josie was so good on C5 such a natural, she lit up the show, What a great start to her presenting career.

  • Perry Goodman

    3 years ago

    Perry Goodman

    this was my second time of watching and to be honest I found the two presenters (especially the lady ) a bit cheesy. However I was very taken by the lass with the accent- wonderful- a real womann and what a laugh, I hope to see more of her!!!!!!

  • Jane

    3 years ago


    Enjoyed tonights show but the star was Josie Gibson-she's my girl crush!

  • Tishini123

    3 years ago


    Josie was fantastic. Pity she wasnt on longer, such a natural presence and beauty. Will tune in next weds to see her again. Shame she's not on more often.

  • Sue

    3 years ago


    Josie was great, she's a breath of fresh air, a natural, WELL DONE JOSIE x

  • Pauline

    3 years ago


    Well done Josie. An absolute natural in front of the camera. Main presenting job next for you I hope xx

  • Jacqui-t

    3 years ago


    Josie is natural she is a breath of resh air, beautiful girl with a personality to match. Need to see more of our Josie Gibson on TV, WELL DONE Josie.

  • Tammy Rowan

    3 years ago

    Tammy Rowan

    Liking the show OKTV. Whoever was doing that twitter thing was good, real funny. She'd make a good main presenter; why's she not on TV more?

  • sandra wass

    3 years ago

    sandra wass

    Josie was great this evening would love to see more of her,she is like a ray of sunshine and lights up the screen, very natural, her and Matt seemed to get on well and we already know Kate likes her.long time to wait until next wednesday.

  • lilann73

    3 years ago


    Josie gibson lit up the screen with her natural personality and beauty,we need to see more of her ,not just once a week go josie.

  • Steph

    3 years ago


    I thought Josie and the male presenter had fantastic chemistry and were both funny together. It felt like Kate was the third wheel when they were on lol

  • @kirst159

    3 years ago


    How fab was Josie Gibson, my only complaint is she is not on enough, we need her more than once a week.

  • Susan Morris

    3 years ago

    Susan Morris

    The show would be good if you had John James on as well. The two of them are brilliant together.

  • @Annierobs

    3 years ago


    Loved tonights show simply because of Josie Gison - she is naturally funny - wish she was on more than once a week though

  • Kay

    3 years ago


    Josie lit up the show with her infectious laughter - she is just so natural. Please can we have more of her than once a week.

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  • sue marshall

    3 years ago

    sue marshall

    josie gibson stole the show for me just so natural and funny,ch5 need to wake up to what a tv gem she could be n put her on more, kate has no personality,josie just ooozes it

  • Rachel

    3 years ago


    Waheyy!! Josie was brilliant! Really proud of her she was great! Looking forward to seeing her again next week!

  • Annierobs

    3 years ago


    Josie Gibson makes OKTV far more watchable - We need to see her more than once a week - she is naturally funny - the girl next door type that everybody loves Much more josie please!!

  • Wendy Liversidge

    3 years ago

    Wendy Liversidge

    Josie Gibson is a breath of fresh air. Well done Missy Moo so natural, warm, hilarious and you got 'blamange' (oops spelling) in not once but twice. You kept it real. Johnny James, all your family and friends in fact everyone is so proud of you!!! Note to Channel 5: Josie Gibson and John James should get a show of their OWN!!! Once again well done Josie, love you to bits! xxx

  • JJJ fan

    3 years ago

    JJJ fan

    Josie should be a main presenter, so funny and we can relate to her. Get her and John James to present! They have the best fanbase ;)

  • chezmorelda

    3 years ago


    Josie was great, would be great to see he rmore than once a week. A great start to her presenting career.

  • Phil Pickering

    3 years ago

    Phil Pickering

    Josie as presenter. John James doing the tweets. He loves twitter as much as Josie and he is soooooooo funny. Come on C5 - you know you want to as much as we do. Loving JJJ

  • Tiffany

    3 years ago


    Well done Josie, you were a natural. Loved the chemistry between her and Matt. Wish you were on more often.

  • Pas

    3 years ago


    Josie Gibson was so good she lit up the show and i'd love to see more of her, she is charismatic and beautiful a real breath of fresh air.

  • Anna

    3 years ago


    Josie was really great on the show shame shes not the main presenter as it is i will only watch every wednesday

  • Sue Morris

    3 years ago

    Sue Morris

    Josie is a natural she needs to be on more. Come on give her more than once a week.

  • lilywhite52

    3 years ago


    Josie was brilliant love her one thing can we please see more of

  • Phil Pickering

    3 years ago

    Phil Pickering

    And if you had John James on as well as Josie WOW what a winner you would have then. Come on C5 - you know you want to. The world loves JJJ

  • Sandra

    3 years ago


    Josie such a natural she was very funny,she would be better co presenting with Kate every day, she light's up the screen. Josie,Josie,Josie. xx

  • Cathy Scott

    3 years ago

    Cathy Scott

    Enjoyed tonights show, Boy George was great but the STAR of the show for me was the Josie Gibson, she was so natural in front of camera, friendly and so down to earth. Cant wait for next Wednesday, unless you give her a little extra work.

  • Michelle

    3 years ago


    Josie Gibson, presenter in the making. Well done, an absolute breath of fresh air. Good call channel 5 xxx

  • @kaylie_green

    3 years ago


    Josie was fantastic, she should be on it more than once a week. xx

  • VeeCee

    3 years ago


    This show is getting better I thought Josie lit up the screen and seemed to fit right in. Thought her,Kate and Matt were like 3 mates chatting.You should have her on more often

  • LightningDi

    3 years ago


    Josie was great, we need to see her more than once a week, your ratings would soar if she was on more, Pleeeease xx

  • Jayne

    3 years ago


    Can we please have Josie as a main presenter, she is so natural and funny,I for one would watch it every day if Josie was on, she has to be on more than once a week SURELY!!!!!

  • claire

    3 years ago


    josie was great only bad thing is we only get to see her once a week we need to see more of josie love her x

  • Yvonne

    3 years ago


    I would like to see more of Josie Gibson on your show. She was so funny.

  • Susan

    3 years ago


    Josie was so funny and down to earth. I would watch everyday if it was her and John james presenting :D Take note channel 5!

  • Kaye

    3 years ago


    Loved Josie She was fantastic cant wait for next week,well done josie

  • amy

    3 years ago


    Josie was so natural, she brought laughter to the show.

  • Fedzzzzzz

    3 years ago


    Josie Gibson was fantastic..what a natural...please can we see her more than once a week.. go josie go josie

  • nbooth

    3 years ago


    Josie was great she should be on more often can't wait until she is on again x

  • Alma

    3 years ago


    Josie was brilliant. Love her laugh. Why can't she be on every day. A week is a long time to wait.


    3 years ago


    Love tge show :) Much better than live from studio 5 :-D P.S Thanks for the twitter mention

  • Conchie

    3 years ago


    Wonderful to see Josie tonight. She is a breath of fresh air on tv.

  • Sophie

    3 years ago


    Tuned in to see Josie and glad I did. What a natural, sooo funny. I wish she was on more often, but will tune in next Wednesday....

  • Yvonne Lewis

    3 years ago

    Yvonne Lewis

    Yvonne Lewis Josie Gibson was simply terrific. Cannot wait to see her again - only wished she was on the show more than once a week. She was a breath of fresh air with her infectious laugh.

  • robswifejan

    3 years ago


    Josie lit up the room and the show.More please. much love xxxx

  • Susan Sumner

    3 years ago

    Susan Sumner

    Loved Josie wow, briliant show, so pleasent, thanks so much, nice to see you back on our TV

  • shezha

    3 years ago


    josie gibson was fantastic, you need her on more often a real natural, GO JOSIE, lots of love Shezha

  • Hazel

    3 years ago


    Josie was Fab..she light up the show..should defo be on more than once a wk..Hx

  • hairbear

    3 years ago


    josie gibson was a breath of fresh air, she puts a smile of your face, more please

  • Hannah Gould

    3 years ago

    Hannah Gould

    Loved Josie Gibson ..... more please OKTV !!!!

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  • Sian

    3 years ago


    Josie Gibson was fantastic! Can't wait for her to be on again next Wednesday - though she needs to be on moooooore :) x

  • Phil Pickering

    3 years ago

    Phil Pickering

    Thought Josie Gibson was terrific. A natural. Just a pity we only get to see her once a week. Bet your viewing figures are looking rosy after this evenings programme. Go Josie, go Josie

  • ben

    3 years ago


    Josie Gibson was great, very natural and sooo funny.

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  • Jane

    3 years ago


    Josie was brilliant-more please!!!

  • JO

    3 years ago


    loved josie gibson, she's so funny. NEEDS TO BE ON MORE

  • Michelle

    3 years ago


    Josie, you were FANTASTIC. Beautiful, funny- can't wait to see you on again next week!!

  • Joh

    3 years ago


    Oh, well done Josie! She was great, funny, natural and honest. She's wasted on the celeb twitter spot; should be a main presenter!!!!

  • sweetlauras

    3 years ago


    i love you George!!! kisses from Chilean Patagonia

  • Joh

    3 years ago


    woo hoo Josie Gibson back on our screens any second. Go on Josie, love her!!!

  • @Tweetin_Jules

    3 years ago


    I'd like to know if its live or pre-recorded too Liz, Can't wait to watch Josie :)

  • Helena Stevenson

    3 years ago

    Helena Stevenson

    Josie is on every Wednesday! Can't wait. She should be on more than once a week though!! x

  • liz

    3 years ago


    When will Josie Gibson be on, is she live or recorded something for the show