Once Upon A Time

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Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is our new fairytale drama from Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the team behind Lost and Tron: Legacy.

Emma Swan knows how to take care of herself. She's a 28-year-old who has been fending for herself ever since she was abandoned as a baby.

But everything changes when Henry - the son she gave up years ago - finds her. Henry is now 10 years old and in desperate need of his birth mother's help. He believes that Emma comes from an alternate world and that she is Snow White and Prince Charming's missing daughter.

According to the book of fairytales that he was given by his teacher Mary Margaret, they sent her away to protect her from the Evil Queen's curse, which trapped the characters of fairytale world forever and brought them into our world.

Emma instantly dismisses Henry's theory, but when she brings him back to Storybrooke, she finds herself drawn to this unusual boy and this strange town. Concerned for his welfare, she decides to stay for a while longer, but she soon suspects that Storybrooke is more than it seems.

It's a place where magic has been forgotten, but where fairytale characters are alive, even though they don't remember who they once were and where the Evil Queen, known as Regina, is now Henry's adoptive mother.

In order to understand where the fairytale world's former inhabitants came from and what led to the Evil Queen's wrath, you'll need to take a glimpse into their previous lives. But it might just turn everything you've ever believed about these characters upside down. Meanwhile, the epic battle for the future of all worlds is about to begin. For good to win, Emma will have to accept her destiny and fight like hell.

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  • terri

    1 year ago


    so cant wait for the second series im a like a baby with a new toy when it comes on..soooooo cant wait when is series 2 relised in uk??

  • SD

    1 year ago


    Once upon a time in a not to distant time when the article was written (19th March 2012) there was a Sunday 1st April !!

  • Katy

    1 year ago


    just one thing, there is no Sunday 1st of April..

  • It's Me

    over 1 year ago

    It's Me

    It would be good if they put more people onto the cast page. A bit disapoing, something to work on there:(

  • Fizzio

    over 1 year ago


    Next Episode: 1. Broken S02E01 / Air Date: 30 September 2012 (Scheduled to Air: 30 September 2012) In the aftermath of Gold's actions at the wishing well, the people of Storybrooke must come to grips with the knowledge of what they once were... and are again.

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  • Chandni

    over 1 year ago


    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am in love with once upon a time ! i can't believe that its going to start in april ! bombshell i am heartbroken what channel is it coming on in america ? so i follow it on american iplayer???

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  • Sarah Hutton

    over 1 year ago

    Sarah Hutton

    Absolutely love this program cant believe its over for ages!! Bring it back ASAP as my Sunday nights will not be the same without it!

  • harrison .S

    over 1 year ago

    harrison .S

    if you want to watch the second series before it comes out in the uk u can watch it on otvseries coz its out in america in october :-D

  • alison hunter

    over 1 year ago

    alison hunter

    please please get the 2nd series...i love this prog, must buy it on box set for chritsmas

  • Megan

    over 1 year ago


    There Is a season 2 it is on in the UK on the 1st of April 2013 so we have to wait a while guys I'm going to buy season 1 on DVD and spend my life whatching it x

  • Angela Gilchrist

    over 1 year ago

    Angela Gilchrist

    when is the next season sart being shown in U.K

  • Pat

    over 1 year ago


    I imagine it will be released about the same time next year. 6 months after the US release date.

  • katsci

    over 1 year ago


    Keep OUAT going! Can we get Season 2 same time as US???? Too often in the UK great shows get axed that carry on in the states.

  • Sara

    over 1 year ago


    Please Channel 5 - I hope you can air the next series soon after it begins in the US - I LOVE this show!

  • Pat

    over 1 year ago


    There is a season 2 which is due to air 30th September in the US. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Once_Upon_a_Time_episodes I hope C5 don't make us wait too long before its aired here too.

  • Jayne

    over 1 year ago


    Will there be a season 2? please tell me that they are not going to overdo it and make it lack story by stringing it out! I love the show, but they need to know when to bring it to an end in a fabulous way!

  • nikki

    over 1 year ago


    cant believe theres only 2 more episodes left of this season already :( im completely hooked! il b lost when its finished CHANNEL 5 PLEASE DONT WAIT 2 LONG FOR SEASON 2

  • Liz Cardall

    over 1 year ago

    Liz Cardall

    Fab series and very clever, can't wait for sunday nights

  • Happysally

    over 1 year ago


    I love Once Upon A Time so much! It's so under-rated and hardly anyone knows about it.. :D

  • Richard de Meath

    over 1 year ago

    Richard de Meath

    This show is beginning to grow tired, lacks direction and the constant 'evilness' of the supporting actress has begun to grate. I'm afraid that the last episode really was the 'last' episode for me.

  • rhapsody

    almost 2 years ago


    great episode on sunday, peter and the wolf, great twist, love it can't wait till the next one :)

  • Jordan & Helen S

    almost 2 years ago

    Jordan & Helen S

    My Mum and I really enjoy the series! It is one of the programmes where you can watch an episode and get hooked into it. It is one of our favourite shows on TV. We are really looking forward to the next episode and will hopefully make a new series!

  • Angel

    almost 2 years ago


    This is one of the most amazing shows ever!!!! I'm currently forcing my best friend to watch it XD Spreading the love of OUAT!!! (Once Upon A Time) This special program NEEDS to keep going!! I think i'm a OUATaholic!! I just wish Graham / the huntsman was still here :( I'm praying that he returns! We want him back producers!!!

  • Graeme

    almost 2 years ago


    We are really enjoying our Sunday nights viewing!Once Upon a Time is wonderful addictive viewing!The writing ,acting, costumes etc are first class and we just can't wait for our weekly fix!

  • Caroline

    almost 2 years ago


    The latest episode centering on Rumpelstiltskin and Belle was breathtaking. I didn't think it would be possible to feel sympathy for a bullying creepy coward, especially with that awful laugh, but Robert Carlyle manages to dig deep and pulls it off with great panache. Fantastic plot and superb acting reminds me of the song, 'What I think she sees' by Del Amitri.

  • charlottejasper

    almost 2 years ago


    i love once upon a time gives a new twist to those fairytales watched every1 so far even taping them so i can watch over and over

  • siobhan

    almost 2 years ago


    cant wait for this programme to come out on dvd absolutely love it :) best programme ever thankyou channel 5 and the makers of the show hope theres loads of series and doesnt ever end :)

  • SarahHarper

    almost 2 years ago


    I love this programme when will it be available on DVD please?

  • Ryan

    almost 2 years ago


    i love the show and fantastic storyline sundays have got loads better. this show is the best show on channel 5!!! cant wait for tomorrow

  • sophie

    almost 2 years ago


    i like the show i think its really good but i have to save it and watch it another day because im bussy so i always save them on the internet to catch up on the stories and i really like Prince Charming.

  • Maureen

    almost 2 years ago


    Really look forward to seeing the show every week. Really good casting. Love the costumes. Just great!be

  • Alanna

    almost 2 years ago


    This is an AMAZING show!!! The plot is fantastic and the actors/actresses are brilliant! I hope they'll bring out many more episodes... It's just so addictive! :D

  • kim

    almost 2 years ago


    very good series..love watching this show...

  • tamera

    almost 2 years ago


    it is amazing i love it i love the story line

  • Ella

    almost 2 years ago


    Awsome!!! Just had to watch ahead, WHY HASN'T EPISODE 21 COME OUT IN AMERICA YET!!! Hope ABC actually stick with this programme... ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER!!! Need... the next.... episode... lol

  • John

    almost 2 years ago


    Now seen up to episode 20. Don't think it will run for a second season. Will be yet another unfinished story in a long line of similar shows. Its like buying a book with the last few pages missing. But with TV you don't get your money back!

  • Louise Bacon

    almost 2 years ago

    Louise Bacon

    Fantastic show - can't wait for the next episode - my fiance and I are totally addicted!

  • Melanie Jeffs

    almost 2 years ago

    Melanie Jeffs

    such a brilliant show wish they would stop changing the times though. so glad someone told me not to give up after the first episode that it gets better now im hooked bring on the next episode.

  • Matthew Harrison

    almost 2 years ago

    Matthew Harrison

    Only got today to watch the first episode (been watching Homeland on ch4 instead) if this is as good as the ads make out could rival LOST or Twin Peeks for weirdness lol. Interesting concept though like Shrek meets Desperate Housewives meets Supernatural

  • Cinzia Pereira

    almost 2 years ago

    Cinzia Pereira

    Could we please decide a time and stick to it??? Last week was 9pm, this week was 8pm and next week I will miss it at 6pm, as I am getting my little boy ready for bed at that time! Not happy!

  • Ali Gibson

    almost 2 years ago

    Ali Gibson

    I absolutely love this show - have become obsessed and love Josh Dallas as Prince Charming!! I may be being thick but could use some help with the whole - do Regina/Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold know who they really are (i.e. not affected by the curse?) and if so why does Rumplestiltskin want Emma there as sure his life is better in Storybrooke so why would he want the curse broken? Also i'm not quite getting the nbature of the curse - the evil queen wants snow white to be miserable yeah - but as she doesn't remember who she is - she doesn't know she is miserable - so sort of missing the point really... Don't care though - it is such a fantastic show - It's torture waiting till next Sunday now!

  • Emma-Luise

    almost 2 years ago


    i cannot say how much i enjoy this show , i look forward to it every sunday & cannot peel my eyes away for one second ... The story of each character & of how they became to be is very fascinating to me and i cannot get enough ... i watch each episode at least 3 times a day , my all time favourite tv show right now and as i am 17 weeks pregnant and there are 22 episodes altogether Once upon a time will see me through to the very last few weeks of my pregnancy so that my Tiny Dancer will love it just as much as i do <3 could watch this for the rest iof my life very very happily & i really hope that the series comes out of dvd when it has finished so that i can cherish it for years to come & for my unborn child to enjoy as well as myself .... Amazing !!! x

  • jessie mason

    almost 2 years ago

    jessie mason

    brilliant i love the tv program snow white and prince charming are made for each other. well done mary the teacher for saving david the person in the commers life.i cant belive i jumped when david grabbed marys hand this show is possably the best show in the world. i could watch it all day please make more good episodes i love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • sam

    2 years ago


    ur never too old im in my 30s and love it thinking of downloading it as cant wait

  • jacqueline

    2 years ago


    love the show just my type of thing i may be a oldie lol but i think its great :)

  • Jeff

    2 years ago


    great show,it gets better every episode. Just hope it do's not end up like lost and looses its self in the middle trying to push in more series,good start lets have a good ending when the time comes please.


    2 years ago


    Great show hope it goes on to be better, just keeping my fingers crossed it do'snt end up like lost and get confusing in the middle, its had a good begining lets have a good ending please.

  • rhapsody

    2 years ago


    22 episodes, can't wait for the next one.

  • rhapsody

    2 years ago


    22 episodes, i love it, can't wait for the next episode all about how snow white and prince charming met. they just seem to get better and better as they go along. and just like lost it makes you think about whats going to happen next. double :)

  • darren pullen

    2 years ago

    darren pullen

    how many episode are they

  • Yvette Simmons

    2 years ago

    Yvette Simmons

    I've only seen the first two but I'm addicted ! It's always over to quickly . Can't wait for my next fix ! Well done Channel 5 xx

  • Martin Morris

    2 years ago

    Martin Morris

    Surely this is just heavily adapted (ripped off) from the DC/Vertigo comic "Fables", that has been successfully produced for the last decade.

  • jodi

    2 years ago


    i watched the whole series - brilliant. when is series 2 out.

  • Alison

    2 years ago


    This is a brilliant program I can't wait for the next part and it is a different role for Robert Carlyle I remember him from the film The Full Monty which was funny I was wondering if there is a book that this program was taken from

  • Patrick

    2 years ago


    Argh! It gets half way through and then locks up in an advert!

  • Shz

    2 years ago


    I've not seen this yet is it suitable for kids to watch?

  • wendie

    2 years ago


    This is a fantastic series . Can't wait to see how it develops and get to know all the fairy tale characters. well done !!

  • Helene

    2 years ago


    OMG WOW i saw the adverts only today and had to watch it online and now, i am so glad i did so, i love the plot, the costumes, the setting of where its being filmed and especially the characters but i so cant wait till next week to find out even more so thankyou for bringing back every childs fantasy come to reality through this series :D finally my sunday's have just got even better !!!

  • Paige

    2 years ago


    this is the best series so far on channel 5 and i have already put in on series record

  • jake

    2 years ago


    excellent think this a series i will stick with

  • Topbabe71

    2 years ago


    Just seen the 1st episode, fantastic!! The costumes, acting and special effects were excellent, the whole concept is intriguing. Sunday night just got interesting !

  • Emma

    2 years ago


    Very enjoyable!! A great concept.

  • Rachael

    2 years ago


    Really Exciting!!! I've wanted to watch this show for ages :-)

  • Victoria

    2 years ago


    Looking forward to watching it!! Have been waiting a long time for it to be shown and now it has arrived.

  • Rhapsody

    2 years ago


    i can't wait, i found out about it months ago and just been so excited for it to arrive on 5 :) love fairytale programs!!!!

  • holly

    2 years ago


    best show ever!!!! I'm up to episode 16! i love it!

  • Rebecca

    2 years ago


    It's brilliant I have watched it on ABC Online! I love it :)

  • Sophie H

    2 years ago

    Sophie H

    April 1st! So excited!

  • Cameron Weir

    2 years ago

    Cameron Weir

    When does it arrive on Channel 5?

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