Once Upon A Time

Episode 22 in pictures

Spoiler alert! Sworn enemies Regina and Emma must join forces to save Henry.

Last week’s cliffhanger saw Henry collapse after eating the poisoned apple turnover meant for Emma. Now, as he lies unconscious in hospital, he gets his dearest wish.

By his bedside, Emma picks up his book of fairy tales and her mind is instantly flooded with memories. At last she believes that the fairytales are real and her first reaction is to rough up Regina. But Henry is their chief concern now and the two mothers soon reach an uneasy truce, united in desperation to save him. Is there away to reverse the magic that is keeping him in a coma?

Regina’s own magic has gone, having used the last of it to retrieve the apple from the Enchanted Forest. The pair seek advice from Mr. Gold, who reminds them that true love is the most potent magic of all and, handing Emma her father’s sword, he sends her on a mission to retrieve a love potion from an egg buried inside the heart of a dragon.

Emma ventures into the underground lair of the dragon, who turns out to be Maleficent, who has been imprisoned there since her conflict with Regina. Can Emma triumph over Maleficent and save Henry's life? 

Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, Prince Charming escapes execution and goes looking for Snow. Along the way, he meets Rumplestiltskin, who offers to help him on the condition that Charming places an egg containing a true-love potion into the heart of a dragon. 

In return, he enchants Prince Charming's mother's ring so that it will glow bright as he gets closer to Snow. Of course, Snow is lying in a glass coffin, having eaten Regina’s poisoned apple. But true love is the strongest magic of all and one kiss is all it will take to revive her.

If true love can conquer death, surely it can also help conquer their enemies?

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