Season 2 - Episode 2: We Are Both

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With their memories returned and the wraith having left a trail of devastation in its wake, the Storybrooke residents are struggling to come to grips with their new reality. The seven dwarves want to know if it is now possible to leave town and push Sneezy across the border to find out. As a result, all memories of his fairy tale life are completely erased. The news causes more panic.

Prince Charming assumes the mantle of town leader and tries to calm everyone by calling a town meeting. While preparing his speech, he finds Jefferson's hat, which was last seen swallowing Snow White, Emma and the wraith. One of Rumplestiltskin's potions enables him to find the Mad Hatter, but the portal to the Enchanted Forest has been destroyed.

Another visitor to Rumplestiltskin's shop is Regina, searching for a way to restore her powers. He hands her an old book of spells, but horrifies her by saying how much she looks like her mother. Flashbacks to Regina’s early life in the Enchanted Forest reveal why. Regina got her first taste of magic when Rumpelstiltskin helped her to avenge the death of her lover Daniel.

The thought that she could become as evil as her mother frightened the young Regina. Back in Storybrooke, powers restored, Regina storms into the town meeting to retrieve her son, only for Rumpelstiltskin's comment to hit home a little later. Regina realises that she has become the monster she always feared, so when Charming knocks at her door demanding to see Henry, Regina lets him go.

Meanwhile, the townsfolk seem to have come to a collective decision and assemble at the border. David makes an impassioned plea for them to reconsider crossing the line, but will they heed him? With events in Storybrooke occupying Charming's time, he has had little time to wonder what has happened to Snow White and Emma. This is just as well, as they are about to encounter pure evil in human form – Cora, Regina's mother...



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