Series 1 - Episode 1


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Paddy and Sally's first destination is Andalusia, the heartland of Spanish gitanos and the home of flamenco. In Sacromonte, the ancient gitano quarter of Granada, they meet Curro and his family. He is a legend of flamenco and his passion inspires Sally to learn the dance.

Paddy is not so keen and sets off to meet another gitano, a rising star of the bullfighting world. Alphonso Olivio Soto shows Paddy the essential moves for a toreador and, of course, Paddy has to have a go. Sally is outraged and refuses to attend.

In Seville, Sally persuades Paddy to join her for a flamenco lesson – after they have been shopping for the right outfits, but Paddy is reluctant to give up his trademark vests. It is a difficult dance, but
both give it a go, with a little success.

Later, they visit the infamous 3000 Viviendas – one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of Seville and home tomany gitanos. There they meet Luis and his family and help on his market stall. This leads to an invitation to a spectacular Spanish gypsy wedding, where they discover a shocking tradition. During the ceremony, the bride must undergo a virginity test for the wedding to proceed. This ancient custom shocks Paddy and outrages Sally.

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    How will Paddy and Sally cope in the Roma village of Alsozenmarton, Hungary's rural south?

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