Series 1 - Episode 2

Paddy and Sally

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This week, Paddy and Sally's destination is Hungary, home of the Roma Gypsies. Despite being a traveller himself, Paddy has never ventured far from the UK. Sally knows the posh spots in Budapest, but how will they both cope in Hungary's rural south?

In the Roma village of Alsoszenmarton, they meet snail-hunters and basket-makers. Here the experienced Roma struggle to earn a living, and when Paddy and Sally try it themselves, it is clear that they would quickly starve to death.

After a Roma party, dancing and an attempt at milking the goats, they then head north to meet a horse-trader whose family has made a living in this traditional traveller business for generations.

In Budapest, they meet some Roma who are making a name for themselves in the fashionable careers of clothing designers and chefs. The Roma pop-up restaurant has only been open a few months but already it is popular with the capital's middle classes. Tonight's menu includes pig's womb stew, a classic Roma dish that includes fallopian tubes.

Student chefs Paddy and Sally gamely push on with the recipe – in between gagging. Finally, after the restaurant closes, they are off to watch a Roma band and to enjoy some serious dancing.


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