Series 1 - Episode 3

Paddy and Sally

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This week finds Paddy and Sally in Ireland, where Paddy's family originally come from. In one mad
week, they go back in time to experience what life was like for Travellers on the road a generation ago.

In a barrel-top wagon, they have to camp and learn how to catch and cook their own dinner. By her own admission, Sally is not much of a chef and Paddy is certainly no fisherman, so how will they get on?

At Nobber Fair, they have their palms read and learn the art of tinsmithing. Then in Dundalk, they meet the Traveller girls who have taken up boxing. This makes uncomfortable viewing for both Paddy and Sally.

In Athlone, they are invited by Traveller Magazine to become Agony Aunt and Uncle for their next edition. For Paddy, answering questions on single mums, women working and homosexuality may be a step too far. What advice will he give?

Finally, in the west of Ireland, they meet the Traveller men who are breaking the mould by going back to school and learning how to read and write. Some are even learning how to cook and Sally encourages Paddy to have a go. He has only warmed up a tin of soup before, so will spaghetti bolognaise prove a dish too far?



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