Series 1 - Episode 3: In Florida

Episode 3: In Florida

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One million Brits take their holidays in the Sunshine State every year, the majority of those being families. So Paul gets himself a local family, whose love of theme parks led them to move to Florida, to guide him through the main attractions, starting off in one of the favourite parks, Busch Gardens. But their enthusiasm for rollercoasters fails to rub off on vertigo-ridden Paul.

Venturing off the beaten track to the Okeechobee County Fair, Paul meets Charlie, who wants to demonstrate what people did in Florida before theme parks. Paul thinks he has seen it all before; however, there is one thing that is new to him – pig racing. Then he watches the grand finalé of a demolition derby, which creates a kind of carnage rarely witnessed at Disneyland.

Charlie’s next stop for Paul is the antidote to theme parks and county fairs - Cassadaga, a town that was founded by and for spiritualists, and still attracts many mediums and people who claim they can talk to the dead.

Leaving the wonders of Cassadaga behind him, Paul hits Miami, and embarks on a guided tour of its most notorious crime scenes, before discussing with celebrated novelist and journalist Carl Hiaasen the state’s dark underside. For a real insight into what keeps the state ticking, Paul visits Château Poochie, the ultimate hotel for dogs. There he meets Dudley, who has been crowned America’s Top Dog Model, and who numbers a personal masseuse among his entourage. Paul feels so warmly welcomed that he signs up for a trip to Woofstock, North America’s largest pet festival, where 5000 dogs let their hair down.

There is also time for a trip to the most southerly point of the United States, Key West, where Paul's reputation proceeds him...


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