Series 1 - Episode 4: Caravan

Episode 4: Caravan

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Paul remains in Blighty, revisiting some holiday destinations of his youth and other quirky spots as he joins one of the largest clubs of people in the country – caravanners.

After building up quite a crowd as he tries to park at his first campsite, Paul heads for the village of Swaton, home to a keen group of practitioners of one of Lincolnshire’s more esoteric pastimes - egg throwing. There’s also a chance for a quick game of Russian egg roulette against the current world champion.

Heading up to the Malvern Hills following a brief stop in Weston-Super-Mare, Paul continues to the The Big Chill Festival. There he meets 70-year-old DJ Derek, whose love of West Indian music started in the 1950s when he played to the Windrush generation in Bristol, and whose popularity is as strong as ever.

Paul moves on to the Cotswolds, and finds time for a pint of real ale himself in a peaceful-looking pub in Great Barrington, before venturing out to the nearby circus. In the front row of the Big Top, Paul’s dream to be part of the show finally comes true as Tweedy the Clown seeks his help, before the performance takes a twist.

Completing his adventure as one of the million or more caravanners who visit Cornwall each year, Paul's path leads away from the tourist hotspots towards Kernow’s Pagan past and some of its peculiar practices.


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