Series 1 - Episode 6: Scotland

Episode 6: Scotland

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After spending his first night alone in a simple but comfortable bothy, Paul's first guide to Highland ways is Sten, who turned his back on urban life four and half years ago and now organises activities which he describes as the perfect antidote to city life. The first outing for Paul is to meet gamekeeper and ‘consummate outdoorsman’ Andy, who tries to get Paul hooked on the arts of hunting, shooting and fishing - with little success.

After his shooting expedition, Paul leaves the squirrels in peace and heads to Aviemore, where the Cairngorm Mountains provide the perfect spot to go soapbox racing; followed by an introduction to Charlie and his buddies, who like nothing better than donning some chain-mail, grabbing a sword and putting on their war paint. This has led to them being featured in many films and TV shows. But their real dream is to open a living museum dedicated to Scottish history, and they are reconstructing an ancient fort as the centrepiece.

Paul also meets farmer Mark, who as an antidote to challenging times in the industry has put together the UK's only group of trained stunt ducks, The Drakes of Hazard; and Kate and husband Sam, who come from Connecticut but live and breathe Highland Games, having met at one, got married at another and are now on honeymoon at yet another.

Having got a bit bogged down with hunting at his first attempt, Paul rounds off his trip by visiting David and another Paul - who, in a bid to improve his confidence with a rifle, challenge him to a little target practice.

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