Series 1 - Episode 5: The Alps

Episode 5: The Alps

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In Bad Ragaz, Paul’s initiation into the spa world starts at the Grand Hotel. To show him what he
could achieve, Paul meets Mr Swiss, Luca, whose perfect muscular form seems to be more intimidating than inspiring.

Switching his focus to the mind, Paul travels across the mountains to Vienna, to see whether the home of psychoanalysis can teach him anything about himself. The location for his first lesson is the Nonseum, 'a place devoted to what can only be described as madness,' Paul says, after being shown a ‘semi-automatic’ nose-picker – or a hand drill with a prosthetic finger on it.

To experience how changes to the body can be made virtually instantly, Paul next pops along to the World Body Painting Festival, where humans transform into aliens and animals after a quick session under an artist’s brush.

Happy that he has taken his mind and body to the limit, Paul continues to Damanhur in Italy to sort out his soul, visiting a community whose ethos revolves around contemplation and discovering harmony with nature and other people. The biggest issue Paul is prepared to reveal is mild indigestion, but there is a spiral maze in the garden which is designed to sort out just such problems...



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