Season 1 - Episode 4: Cura Te Ipsum

Episode 4: Cura Te Ipsum

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At the hospital with a severe case of bogus back pain, Finch gets some attention from The Machine's latest person of interest: Dr Megan Tillman, who graduated top of her class from Columbia Medical School and hasn’t missed a day of work since her residency began. However, Reese discovers that Megan is not as antisocial as her profile would suggest, as she dons her glad rags and heads out on the town alone, even with a 6am shift ahead of her.

At a club, Reese spots an attentive man whom he recognises from Megan’s lunch queue, and with a little bump of his own he relieves him of his wallet to discover his identity – Andrew Benton, a Wall Street banker who carries a cocktail of drugs, including Rohypnol. All the same, Megan leaves alone at 3.30am, a habit the barman suggests happens rather frequently, making it to the hospital in time for her shift.

Finch discovers that Benton has had a string of accusations thrown at him for stalking, harassment and sexual assault, but has never been charged. Reese, meanwhile, turns up the heat on Fusco, his police informant, and discovers from withheld files that, while at college, Benton was accused of sexually assaulting Megan’s sister. He was never charged with anything as there was no conclusive evidence, but she died of an ‘accidental overdose’ a year later. Could Megan have her heart set on revenge?



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