Season 1 - Episode 11: Super

Episode 11: Super

Sorry, this episode is no longer available to watch on Demand 5.

Find out why

Reese works the computer while Finch does the legwork with their latest target, a building superintendent who keeps too close an eye on his tenants. Meanwhile, Detective Carter may finally get a glimpse into one of their cases, so she can decide whether she wants to join the team.


  • Season 1 - Episode 12: Legacy

    The Machine points Reese and Finch towards a lawyer who specialises in helping some of society’s poorest people and now needs protection of his own.


  • Season 1 - Episode 10: Number Crunch

    Reese and Finch go into overtime when The Machine gives them four persons of interest.

  • Season 1 - Episode 9: Get Carter

    When The Machine identifies Detective Carter as the next person of interest, Reese, Finch, and Fusco must protect her without giving away their true identities.

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Comments (53)

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  • iraq123

    1 year ago


    a dr in najef with the name farooq really

  • BubblesBliss03

    1 year ago


    I watch this on demand five and i Have no problems, i so can not wait for the next one. :-)

  • Barry

    1 year ago


    I have just watched it :)

  • ibokuzu

    1 year ago


    I do not think that making people watch two minutes of commercials to learn that this video is not available, is a responsible and ethical practice on your part as a respectable broadcaster. What do you think about it? How do you live with yourself by stealing two minutes of my life with no hesitation for your advantage in the form of commercial income?

  • emma

    1 year ago


    Is 5 on demand compatible with android devices

  • joe enguita

    1 year ago

    joe enguita

    it's about time you sorted these problems out. freezing pictures more time spent watching adverts,then restarting again just to find it happens again over and over again,shame it is not on bbc then it would work a lot better

  • carol

    1 year ago


    Where is link to video? if you say its available then why can't I access it? Like everyone else, i wish 5 would get there act together and sort out the technical problems!

  • Pauladaisy

    1 year ago


    A really disappointing service. If you can't do it properly then don't do it at all....just a frustration. Only there for 7 days and have been trying to watch it for the last three days.....Even difficult to post a comment!!

  • Lois

    1 year ago


    It freezes and skips which is frustrating :( such a great show though. Sort this out please Demand Five? :) The fact that the ads suddenly cut in mid sentence sometimes is very annoying.

  • euansmith

    1 year ago


    The adverts crashing unceremoniously into the programme are a tad annoying, but the episode was pretty good fun.

  • Dave

    1 year ago


    Demand 5 is the worst channel on the internet, the programs keep freezing and if it stops you've got to start from the beginning. I'm glad i watched this series on Sky and looking forward to the next one on there as well.

  • JayMc

    1 year ago


    seems ok now; but the ads are very annoying - cutting off dialogue. had to replay the end as it was cut off but the SIXTH set of ads. I shan't be rushing out to Curry's anytime soon. Channel 5 - home of the ANTI-AD!! Great programme though :-D

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  • JulG

    1 year ago


    funny the adverts never freeze, and every time I re-load page to carry on watching they repeat all over again, with not a glitch or stutter...

  • david

    1 year ago


    No subttles again because deaf and hard of hearing veiwers cost C5 to much money to load subtites. This has been admitted in an e-mail from C5. E-mail the advertisers that C5 discriminates against minorities E-mail C5 direct they ignore comments posted here

  • maria

    1 year ago


    won't play for me either

  • jameswelshy

    1 year ago



  • Ema

    1 year ago


    just watched it myself played ok too

  • Kev

    1 year ago


    played perfect for me...maybe its the infinity 2 connection..rock solid and 63mb over wireless..

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  • Mark

    1 year ago


    Usual useless repeated advertisements as the playback falls over again and again. Content is why people come here. Try delivering some of it occasiobnally.

  • Val

    1 year ago


    Well done, Demand 5 not working AGAIN! Will it be fixed or is this it for the entire series. If so, I can just strike Person of Interest of my viewing list. Staying with Ripper Street.

  • Chris H

    1 year ago

    Chris H

    GRRRR! Sky + clashed as Ripper St and Top Gear recorded, so missed the first 5 minutes or so. Hoped to catch the missing part here before I watch the remaining on the T.V. but reliable as always, Demand 5 won't work! Need to wait until the repeat later in the week before I can watch my favourite show!!! Why the massive mid season break? US are already half way through S2. Don't you think you lost viewers because of this? Let's hope SKY get S3, we might get episodes quicker!

  • john

    1 year ago


    well done channel 5,another episode that dont play,,,,get your act together

  • Marie

    1 year ago


    So glad it is back on again really enjoyable :D

  • jonoho

    1 year ago


    OK. OK. I like it. It has a great story line--but the problem ! (stopping at mid program) seems manufactured to prompt a comment???

  • fred

    1 year ago


    Why does it say protected, can we watch it or not?

  • willie

    1 year ago


    cant get to play keeps stoping adverts waste of time

  • Erica

    1 year ago


    cant get it to play grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Erica

    1 year ago


    cant get it to play grrrrrrrrrr

  • R Wharton

    1 year ago

    R Wharton

    I am trying to watch latest episode on Demand5. I have 13 days left to watch it but the player cannot play because the content is protected

  • erica

    1 year ago


    cant get it to play grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Manxie

    1 year ago


    So glad to see this great programme back. Thanks C5!!

  • Wiley

    1 year ago


    well done Channel 5 on another gr8 american export, pity some of ur competitors wouldnt follow suit and show shows like these instead of soaps, Please add the option of sub titles, thanks for channel 5 plus1 and and 5 on demand it means i can watch something with family then watch this program as a later time, well done again!!

  • Demon Driver

    1 year ago

    Demon Driver

    No sub titles on another ace programme, why does it clash with Ripper Street on BBC1. BBC are much more clued up to the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing all catch up programmes have subtitles immediately. 0/10 for effort Ch5

  • Andy

    1 year ago


    Why cant I get subtitles up,are deaf people not allowed to enjoy these programmes too.

  • FrancisMoon

    1 year ago


    Great return of quality programming and a really interesting twist in the story line and characters - more like this channel 5

  • Dawn61

    1 year ago


    I only seem to be getting the commercials and not Person of Interest. I have reported this. So frustrating!

  • topister

    1 year ago


    Why is it that every single time i try to watch a programme on 5demand it always says that its protected?

  • Mark

    1 year ago


    Really realy ace episode. Loved it!

  • Mark

    1 year ago


    Self defence trainig - very funny!

  • Tony

    1 year ago


    Aaaaah Again no subtitles channel 5 you really are the pits please please please can you expalin why you are not providing with lots of your other programmes one episode we might get them then on another nothing its just not bloody good enough EXPLAIN YOUR SELF PLEASE.

  • duztee

    1 year ago


    Nice t have you guys back!

  • colin

    1 year ago


    Great to have it back. A brilliant episode tonight, so well done Channel 5. The break wasn't as long as I feared and my faith is restored.

  • Kelly

    1 year ago


    I know right?! Can't wait for it start again though!! !:D I already have the DVD on preorder!! :D

  • tallulah

    over 1 year ago


    What took you so long?