Season 1 - Episode 13: Root Cause

Person of Interest

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When the Machine gives Reese and Finch the number of a down-and-out man who has been pushed too far, they are forced to turn for help to former Person of Interest Zoe Morgan.



  • Season 1 - Episode 12: Legacy

    The Machine points Reese and Finch towards a lawyer who specialises in helping some of society’s poorest people and now needs protection of his own.

  • Season 1 - Episode 11: Super

    Reese and Finch reveal to Detective Carter their latest case, that of a building superintendant who keeps too close an eye on his tenants.

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Comments (15)

  • njv

    1 year ago


    Sort the ads out so they dont crash through a line of dialogue please! Irritating :/

  • Malcolm

    1 year ago


    Worked perfectly for me.

  • David Mulhern

    1 year ago

    David Mulhern

    simply dreadful player from ch 5. constantly having to restart the thing and then it freezes etc. shame because the programme is great and deserves better.

  • euansmith

    1 year ago


    Rather an abrupt ending there Demand 5. You could really do with correctly integrating your adverts into your shows.

  • ogre

    1 year ago


    Yet another day when I get to see the adverts but not the program !

  • MickeyM

    1 year ago


    Excellent series. Agree with Marty about it evolving. For those of you having trouble viewing it's all about how the ads, including the ones on the page, interact with Flash. Flushing the cache often helps, or using another browser.

  • Manxie

    1 year ago


    Brilliant as usual! and NO ADS!! MEG - the e-mail ended as follows - Why did you contact me? I wanted to acknowledge a worthy opponent and say i'm looking forward to the next time. He then says "Next time!" Then, in red .....Harold. Connection is then terminated. Roll on the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meg M

    1 year ago

    Meg M

    Watched until the last few seconds when the adverts kicked in just before the last of the Email came up. Watched the adverts as I didn't know the show had ended. Disappointed that I missed the end. The Email came up after the ads, but for to brief a time to read.I suppose this comment will be removed, but either they need to watch their timing, or they are afraid we will switch off before the last adverts are shown. This isn't the first time this happened.

  • RickSter

    1 year ago


    great episode, good twist . Oh and the player works fine for me, maybe only a 30sec ad in the breaks would be nicer...

  • McBay

    1 year ago


    I couldn't take the guy from the orange ad seriously as a fed.

  • Adam Smith

    1 year ago

    Adam Smith

    agh just taken 20 attempts just to watch 5 mins of this!!!!! Plz improve the channel5 player up to at least ITV standards!!!!

  • sarah

    1 year ago


    Broken :(

  • Chris Downing

    1 year ago

    Chris Downing

    What? Just one sub? I can spot three already.

  • FrancisMoon

    1 year ago


    This great series continues - now with an interesting sub plot which as me more hooked than ever.

  • Marty

    1 year ago


    I love the show. It puts posey actors on the back foot. Good characters and the show is always evolving and moving forward. I like it best of all