Season 1 - Episode 14: Wolf and Cub

Episode 14: Wolf and Cub

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The Machine comes up with the social security number of a 14-year-old boy called Darren. As Finch sets about repairing the damage caused by the mysterious hacker ‘Root’, Reese goes to visit Darren, only to find his apartment crawling with police. They are investigating the murder of Darren’s brother Travis, shot a week ago by members of a gang.

Reese hooks up with Detective Carter, who tells him that Travis stood up for a waitress who was being abused by the gang. It seems that they came back to exact their revenge. Darren was taken into care, but has subsequently absconded. Reese presumes that Darren must be their next target as he can identify the killers...



  • Season 1 - Episode 13: Root Cause

    When the Machine gives Reese and Finch the number of a down-and-out man, they are forced to turn to former Person of Interest Zoe Morgan for help.

  • Season 1 - Episode 12: Legacy

    The Machine points Reese and Finch towards a lawyer who specialises in helping some of society’s poorest people and now needs protection of his own.

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Comments (15)

  • JOHNBOY236

    1 year ago


    what is wrong with this channel i mist it on tv and could not get it on this channel

  • tina

    1 year ago


    got 5 minuts into it and again it stopped, nothing happening after 10 minutes of waiting, rubbish !! this is the only demand channel that dosent work for me bbc, itv and ch4 are perfect, fgs channel five get it sorted out !!!!

  • Marius

    1 year ago


    The stream is very poor on almost everything I watch on DemandFive. I'm running a quad-core, 4GB memory and 1GB graphics with a 25Mbps connection - it's nothing going wrong at my end! I can stream HD from the BBC iPlayer no problem, so what's going on?

  • Malcolm

    1 year ago


    Another one working perfectly for me.

  • G

    1 year ago


    It worked ok last week, but this week the ads kept blacking out - sound only, or sometimes nothing at all. Afterwards the programme won't load at all. It VERY irritating.

  • D.O'Malley

    1 year ago


    Didn't work the first, second , third , time also tried it on other iplayers, but still no success. It is one of my favourite programs but please sort yourselves out !! I had the same trouble last week, as I cannot watch it live.

  • This comment was removed by a moderator

  • Manxie

    1 year ago


    Another good episode, and played fine (as usual) with no ads. I too have the latest Adobe Flash player....

  • clare

    1 year ago


    i have tried to watch this for an hour now - why oh why is channel 5 the worst of all the on demands??? SORT IT OUT channel 5, your reputation is taking a serious beating.

  • Anna

    1 year ago


    will you please get yourt technical problems sorted out!! The commercials stop and start and the programme does the same. It's impossible to watch. do you even read these comments - or jdo you just not care??

  • This comment was removed by a moderator

  • Bellex

    1 year ago


    Really like the episode. For those unable to view the video, try updating Adobe Flash and clearing the previous flash cache. Sometimes the speed of the RAM and the processor factor in as to how fast the video can be processed. Flash player has a rather heavy overhead so make sure you have a system capable before complaining about the player/service.

  • J

    1 year ago


    Why is it that the only shows on 5 on demand on BT Vision are the bad ones. Why not show the programmes that people actually want to watch.

  • g taylor

    1 year ago

    g taylor

    Didn''t work first time for me - it took about four tries to get past the initial ads. Then the lip synching got unsynched. So, I tried putting on the subtitles and they were about 30 seconds ahead., Then it started halting randomly and finally launched into the closing ads in mid-sentence. Ch 5, I love the show but please, please don't bid for the next series. Just leave it to the beeb or C4.

  • Gus

    1 year ago


    Meh wish it wasn't on TV on a Sunday night I forget and missed it so have to watch it here. So what do you know 11.02pm and it works first time, like all other episodes I have watched for the last year