Series 1 - Episode 2: Girls

Episode 2: Girls

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Last week saw CIU boss DS Rebecca Ellis recruit maverick detective John Moreland and his team from the drug squad – the seductive Maria Cortez and smooth-talking Daniel Price. Completing the unit are tech expert Khali Bhatt and streetwise rookie Jesse Calvert.

Placed into criminal networks without a safety net, the undercover cops must think on their feet and rely on instinct. One slip could lose them not only their quarry but also their lives. Posing as anything from hit men to lawyers, they slip in and out of character so often that they can lose track of who they really are, which makes returning to their own lives difficult.

This week, when a 15-year-old escort disappears at a sleek downtown hotel, the CIU goes undercover to infiltrate an under-age prostitution ring masterminded by two volatile brothers, Shaun and Paul Devlin.

As Maria gets close to one of the brothers, she is haunted by memories of a savage beating that she suffered on a previous case. In a risky final play, she struggles to stay focused and safe as she takes on the escort ring’s vicious leader.



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