Series 1 - Episode 3: Lawyers

Episode 3: Lawyers

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Having achieved two successes from two stings, or plays, DS Rebecca Ellis is now confident that her decision to recruit maverick detective John Moreland and his team into the elite Covert Investigations Unit was correct.

Working undercover is a risky business at the best of times, and Moreland, Maria Cortez and Daniel Price have proved that they can rely on their wits to get their targets to buy into the characters they are impersonating. Completing the newly formed unit are tech expert Khali Bhatt and rookie Jesse Calvert.

This week, when a high-end litigator at a downtown law office goes missing, his colleague Anna Quinn believes that the firm’s partners, specialists in corporate crime, are involved.

Posing as an old friend of Anna’s, Moreland cosies up to managing partner Christopher Locke, a guy with thousand dollar suits in his closet and a violent fixer at the end of his phone. To expose the truth, Moreland engages Anna in a dangerous play.



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