Police Interceptors

Series 4 - Episode 12

Episode 12

Sorry, this episode is no longer available to watch on Demand 5.

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A speed freak thinks he can outrun the law, there is aggravation and abuse on Derbyshire's mean streets and the interceptors facing off against an eight legged enemy.

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  • Series 4 - Episode 13

    A drunk-driver crushes a police officer in an attempt to elude capture and a Land Rover takes the team on a white-knuckle ride across country.


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Comments (24)

  • 12_ivo

    almost 2 years ago


    ''the case unlike this focus is ongoing'' lol shame i was in that very same focus only a couple weeks ago

  • n0ka

    2 years ago


    hint, check your email or go to the toilet so u dont have to endure a 2 minute ad break, this is awful, far to many ads..i really hate ads, i always mute them or turn to a non advertising channel,

  • Pete

    2 years ago


    @m4nurul3 - You do know we pay for the BBC through TV license hence there are no adverts - CH5 are a commercial company and they make money from adverts (Just like if you watched in on the TV)

  • m4nurul3

    2 years ago


    Why oh why are there so many adverts? It's a stark contrast with BBC iPlayer, which has the correct amount: none. Channel 5, if you have to have ads, at least make them shorter and don't put them every 15 minutes of a show. It's so annoying.

  • scvix

    2 years ago


    not for the customer! for the bank staff to know.... or the police.... crime prevention and all that!

  • DanSkye

    2 years ago


    Yes because everyone carry's round a can of wd40 whengoing to the cash point ....

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  • sexy police

    2 years ago

    sexy police

    i love this show i try and watch all of the shows ,LOL

  • CAN

    2 years ago


    give u a can clown!!

  • Mr Free

    2 years ago

    Mr Free

    @Paul - A TV channel can't be 'FREE' C5 have a budget of about £300,000,000 per year and maybe 2.5 - 3 million viewers, which works out at about £100 to £120 for each viewer - recovered from the products we ALL buy that are advertised on C5 whether we watch them or not. Don't be so naive, things are rarely 'FREE'.

  • isawelvis!

    2 years ago


    Its free what more do you all want???

  • fagus1

    2 years ago


    @Jason. Food for thought, we eat more than 8 spiders when we are asleep.

  • KD

    2 years ago


    Finally! lol. Well, another quality program from the Interceptor team, keep up the good work!

  • Paul

    2 years ago


    iplayer is the name of the BBC's player, which you pay your TV license for. This is channel 5 catchup and is free so stop moaning and get a life. PS. I have never had one single advert on ch5 because I have a good firewall and popup blocker I guess

  • A1AA1A

    2 years ago



  • chris

    2 years ago


    agreed this is a joke. Whats the point haveing ondemand if it's only old stuff you can watch... fools

  • York Rapp

    2 years ago

    York Rapp

    How hard would it be to tell people when it will be uploaded? If it's 2 hours / 6 hours/ 24 hours / never - just tell us and we can plan around it. You wouldn't run an 'on-air' TV channel like this so why is it acceptable to run iplayers like it?

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  • Justin Parry

    2 years ago

    Justin Parry

    Just put it this way, Channel 5 iplayer is unreliable!


    2 years ago


    Is the person who uploads this on holiday this week? Why is there no consistent policy of when a programme is available to watch?

  • RF

    2 years ago


    How come you've uploaded everything else but this??

  • KD

    2 years ago


    Im wondering the same. Missed the start so I thought its OK I'll just go online to watch and its not there :(

  • me

    2 years ago


    you were so good at uploading last week's episode right after it had aired... why the change????