Police Interceptors

Series 4 - Episode 13

Police Interceptors

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This week, a drunk-driver crushes Matt with his car while trying to evade capture, Paul tracks down a disqualified driver flouting his driving ban and a Land Rover takes the team on a white-knuckle ride across country.

Elsewhere, Nick and Dee give an insight into taser tactics, a dopey driver gets a severe dressing down for his attitude to child safety and there is a very important visitor in Chesterfield.

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    The teams are busy dealing with all the problems on the run up to Christmas.


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  • emil

    almost 2 years ago



  • harry

    2 years ago


    my firiend was that!!!!

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  • ruhul

    2 years ago


    thesss are cool

  • c

    2 years ago


    thats a mecedes and not a bmw aswell

  • Scot

    2 years ago


    Longeaton? Longeaton? Think you'll find it is Long Eaton!

  • Martin

    2 years ago


    it doesnt come up on here, Keep getting the ipad download thing. :(

  • RJF

    2 years ago


    omega, ITS A 156 ALFA. Start your engines, bucke up and get someone who knows the difference between a handsome italian and a large german.

  • fagus1

    2 years ago


    Description is wrong, no horsebox full of illegal plants.

  • ...

    2 years ago


    at what time do you see the horsebox bit?

  • Dave

    2 years ago


    Slightly bigger error is that they reckon the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet is just off the A61 in Chesterfield....

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  • atrix

    2 years ago


    alpha t spark not omega jeeze who writes script? get someone who can identify a car brand for a start

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  • Farakh

    2 years ago


    this was quick thank you

  • K

    2 years ago


    Thanks for getting this up so soon, i started watching about 8.30.