Police Interceptors

Series 4 - Episode 14

Police Interceptors

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The police interceptors are busy dealing with all the problems that the run-up to Christmas brings. It may be the season to be merry, but Jason is short of festive cheer when a yuletide party becomes a full-blown riot just a few days before Christmas. Adam and Nick encounter a drunken mother driving her daughter to the shops and Kev is seconds away from disaster when he fearlessly prevents a car from becoming a fireball.

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  • Series 4 - Episode 13

    A drunk-driver crushes a police officer in an attempt to elude capture and a Land Rover takes the team on a white-knuckle ride across country.

  • Series 4 - Episode 12

    The Eurocopter gets down and dirty in a lengthy manhunt.

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Comments (15)

  • Demand_FIVE

    2 years ago


    Hi, there is a technical issue with this episode which is now being fixed. It will be up on Demand 5 later this afternoon. Apologies for the delay.

  • ChelleyTroughto

    1 year ago


    hi chelley

  • Jr

    almost 2 years ago


    Alot of time and respect for the police in deryshire, ive worked along side them, on events

  • Nick Barry Parkyn

    2 years ago

    Nick Barry Parkyn

    Hi Ray I Lots 80 Now go down M25 is not good Police Ok From Nick

  • Pete

    2 years ago


    I can't believe the stupidy of the cops in the unmarked car on this shows last nick. The pull a young couple over & give them a lengthy telling off about driving without insurance, provisional driving license holder being supervised by a driver with less than 3 years experience, they throw the book at them. Thats not the stupid part, the brains behind the "tug" pulled them over onto the hard shoulder of the M1 in an unmarked police car to hand out the lecture & they were less than 200 meters from a junction.They should've got the off the M1 & ticketed them in a safe environment. How dangerous & stupid can cops be & to think i pay taxes to employ idiots.

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  • James

    2 years ago


    All the police cars on it are poverty! my scooby would leave them standing still!

  • Ray

    2 years ago


    This country will never get any better until the courts stop being so easy on criminals, they have to make the criminals know that if they get caught they're going to suffer.

  • captain

    2 years ago



  • Muppetshow

    2 years ago


    It's rubbish now! same old same old! & their cars aren't all that (bottom the line Evo & Imprezas) the Audi RS4 from the other week would have left them standing if he'd have wanted to. It was better when it was the Essex version.

  • asda

    2 years ago


    Thank you!

  • john

    2 years ago


    It's up on youtube

  • asda

    2 years ago


    Now for the "when will it be up (or not)?" game.

  • brian

    2 years ago


    I used to watch this for the cars and fast chases, now its no different than any other police program. Disappoint

  • Where is it

    2 years ago

    Where is it

    Whereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee IS IT?