Police Interceptors

Series 2 - Episode 4

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The interceptors go after car thieves who are attempting to flee the country with a stolen BMW. Meanwhile, it's the end of the line for some burglary suspects in Southend.

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  • Series 2 - Episode 5

    The interceptors pursue an out-of-control motorbike and a petrol thief attempts to destroy his ill-gotten gains.

    Available until 23:59 4 Nov 2015

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Comments (2)

  • James M

    over 2 years ago

    James M

    Please make the episodes from this series that aren't available for viewing available again!! I'd really like to see them!

  • beccasmandan

    3 years ago


    RAOTFLMAO Songeus Maximus RAOTFLMAO its not often something tickles me out the blue and unexpected but the commentator on this comes out with a most humourous line in this episode that had me crying with laughter