Police Interceptors

Series 1 - Episode 4

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The interceptors chase an escaped prisoner down a dual carriageway.

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Comments (9)

  • Anne Jones

    1 month ago

    Anne Jones

    You should get Virgin Media broadband and have more patience and learn to spell.

  • Adrian Whiteley

    1 month ago

    Adrian Whiteley

    Better to have adverts than pay a tv llcence.

  • S.M

    2 years ago


    Murray, so just because a police officer admits to enjoying an aspect of their job that they are highly trained to do does that mean they shouldn't be in the job, even if they are good at it?

  • Murray

    2 years ago


    Any cop who says he "likes driving fast" really ought not be doing that job.

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  • Chris

    over 2 years ago


    Whats annoying is all the adverts, dont get this on youtube! unfortunately series 1+2 arent on youtube to my knowledge :(

  • Leon

    3 years ago


    Im on wifi on a 6mb link and im fine?

  • Andy

    3 years ago


    Videos are perfectly fine, maybe its your internet connection or wifi signal strength ? i watch these on a pc and a laptop with no interruptions at all im using a 50Mb cable internet though.

  • ashley

    3 years ago


    all of em are so lagy i got fed up i could of trogh my laptop out the windo