Police Interceptors

Series 3 - Episode 6

Episode 6

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With a population of 1.3 million and a network of major motorways running through the county, Essex is a tough patch to police. The interceptor team is manned by hand-picked officers who are specially trained to handle vehicles at high speed. The teams are kitted out with the latest police vehicles in Britain, including the Mitsubishi Evo and the Subaru Impreza. These motors are capable of massive acceleration and boast a range of gadgets, including tracking devices linked to a super-computer back at HQ. The interceptors are also aided by a fully equipped Eurocopter, which is fitted with a long-range telephoto lens that can read a number plate from seven miles away. All of this technology and expertise means that the police interceptors are cracking down on Essex crime - and the criminals rarely know what has hit them. In this instalment, police negotiator Inspector Emma Brookes races to reach a suicidal man threatening to jump from a roof forty miles away. Can Biggers get her there on time in one of the Evos? Meanwhile, Andy chases a suspected drug dealer, Emily catches a drink-driver and one of the Evos comes a cropper on the A12. Elsewhere this week, the Air Support Unit tracks a fugitive car thief, and a man is caught with a van of stolen clothes. Finally, Grant discovers the future of British pop music - in Brentwood.


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