Police Interceptors

Series 4 - Episode 9

Police Interceptors

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The officers are dealing with Halloween: there’s no time to hand out sweets or don fancy dress as the officers are hit with the holiday shift from hell. A gang of lorry thieves trigger a major man hunt, a young man is busted for heroin possession, a fraudster is taken into custody and a high-speed chase involving a supercar travelling at 142mph, with the helicopter in pursuit ends in an spectacular collision.

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  • Series 2 - Episode 10

    Documentary profiling a high-speed police unit. Officers chase car thieves through the Essex suburbs, break up a nightclub fight and tackle some boy racers in sunny Southend.

    Available until 23:59 4 Nov 2015

  • Series 4 - Episode 8

    Tim almost loses his life at the hands of a motorist.

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Comments (31)

  • Baz

    1 year ago


    what happened we have gone back to the last series

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  • Bullgreyhounds4fox

    over 1 year ago


    Have not seen the programe.... But should be on it as had a tv camera in my face walking my dogs last night ... CARLISLE..

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  • KieranAndrews

    over 1 year ago


    love this

  • Nick Barry Parkyn

    almost 2 years ago

    Nick Barry Parkyn

    Police Are Good To Go To Talk Or Talk To Nick Barry Parkyn I op it From Nick

  • vidviewa

    2 years ago


    when the police chased the driver with the German number plate,the minute he pulled over thevideo stopped.Is this as far as it goes or is my computer messin up????pls someone answer me cos they know the driver and i wanted to see what happened next.thanx x

  • derek

    2 years ago


    why do we have the same adverts time after time after time after time all the time you can watch programs on catch up with no adverts.i'm sure they can't get paid

  • jack

    2 years ago


    wat s up i love the poilce

  • Colin Parker

    2 years ago

    Colin Parker

    A great program ruined, like so many current shows, by the use "Coming next" "Tonight on" "Next on" at the start of the show and also both sides of all the adverts. A real waste of programming time. If the program needs advertising then advertise it while its not showing.

  • juan

    2 years ago


    Hello im from Spain but i live in London, i love this tv show, kick ass police

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  • Friend

    2 years ago


    knowing the drug dealer . And knowing he has been dealing from the age of 16 and been arrested along with his partner so many time . WHY is more not being done . Take the kids away from danger .

  • clare

    2 years ago


    why is it channel 5 that eaxh time i play something online it works in the adverts but stops and starts during he actual programme on other on demands i dont have this problem just 5

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  • big dave

    over 2 years ago

    big dave

    this programe is ace.

  • Ian

    over 2 years ago


    With regards to Tom's comment you can get both the Jetta and the Bora in the UK.

  • Peach

    over 2 years ago


    Part Two: Series 1: ......following on from my 1st comment....it's now the 18th Jan.

  • Peach

    over 2 years ago


    Peach: Come on 5! It's now the 18th Jan and your site states only available til the

  • LJ

    over 2 years ago


    What the hells going on with the series and episode numbers?

  • Roan

    over 2 years ago


    No. South Yorkshire is mostly Sheffield. Although Mosborough, Sheffield is part of Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. I live in Chesterfield btw, Brimington area

  • rm

    over 2 years ago


    Has this been removed? Not playing.

  • Scott.

    over 2 years ago


    Why is it listed as S.Yorks police when its Derbyshire and why is it listed as episode 9 series 4 when its episode 1 series 5 ?

  • Tom

    over 2 years ago


    I wish the researchers of this program would do their homework better, they are constantly getting the basic task of naming cars incorrect. The vw 'Jetta' is actually called a vw 'Bora' in the uk. ;)

  • waqaas

    over 2 years ago


    can u belive hes my great uncle lol

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  • norm

    over 2 years ago


    The video quality is rubbish in fullscreen. Increase the bit rate Five.

  • ollie brown

    over 2 years ago

    ollie brown

    uncle bo kicking ass with the milltek

  • jam

    over 2 years ago


    Cop Evo would have got dusted if they hadn't put on lights this car is over 600 bhp ive seen it in action....

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  • Jon

    over 2 years ago


    Why was the german driver not questioned about his stay in england ! you can't drive a foreign registered car in this country if your stay is longer than 6 months.