Series 1 - Episode 3: Day Off

Episode 3: Day Off

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When the teens get a rare day off and decide to go to an amusement park, Jayden stays home in order to train and master the imposing Beetle Disc, which requires twice the symbol power of a regular Power Disc. Seeing how hard Jayden is pushing himself, Mentor extols the virtues of keeping a healthy balance between training and living.

When a terribly strong Nighlok named Dreadhead attacks, Jayden finally rises to the occasion and masters the Beetle disc, upgrading his Fire Smasher to the 5 Disc Beetle Cannon to destroy Dreadhead’s first incarnation. When the monster rises again in his giant form, Jayden and the Samurai Rangers combine the Samurai Megazord with the BeetleZord to form the Beetle Blaster Megazord and defeat him.

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