Real Food Family Cook Off

About the sponsor: Tesco

Real Food Family Cook Off brings to life true home cooking, and Tesco is thrilled to be the show’s sponsor.

About the sponsor: Tesco

A message from the show's sponsor

Tesco is on a mission to get more people cooking and enjoying real food at home. They wanted to know how our modern lifestyles have affected our eating habits, so they commissioned a survey to speak to the nation and find out. The results confirmed what they thought - these days, the way we live, cook and eat have all changed.

The days of three regular meals with dinner for the whole household at 6pm have gone the way of the regular 9-5 job, breadwinning men and stay-at-home mums. Now most people work, and busy lives mean our eating and cooking habits have had to adapt to new ‘mealtime moods’, such as breakfast-on-the-go, me-time meals and talk-and-fork bowl food. We don't plan our meals by the clock, but by the kind of day we're having and how we feel.

The idea of mealtime moods followed, and the response from the nation has been incredible as thousands of you have shared your love of cooking. With the Real Food Family Cook Off, this passion for real food and home cooking is brought to life and Tesco is thrilled to be the show’s sponsor.