Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 1 - Episode 1: Brazil

Robson Green

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Robson's challenge starts 700 miles south of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. His opponent is professional fishing guide Giba Garbado. Robson is channeling the many years of hurt that Brazil (particularly their football team) has inflicted upon the northern hemisphere to concentrate his mind. Giba, on the other hand, has Googled his opponent for information!

The rough waters around the rocks off the coast are the venue for the first challenge, which is simply who can catch the most. Soon Robson is jigging. This is not with delight, but a recognised technique for rough-water angling. With neither man having much luck, Giba’s sonar detects some anchovies in the dangerous white water near the rocks, which is where they head. Who will win this round?

Further south in Laguna, Robson meets Seve Delgado, a net-fishing specialist and his next opponent. Seve and his colleagues cast weighted, circular nets into the shallow waters of the lagunas to catch mullet.

Robson's final challenges take him to the Rio São Benedito, a tributary of the Amazon in the heart of the country. Leandro is renowned as the best freshwater angler in the region and in the first of two challenges against Leandro, the winner will be the first angler to land a catfish. The best place to catch catfish? A waterfall.

Round four is a game to see who can get the most bites from the one of the continent’s most-feared predators – the vampire fish. Can Robson pull off a spectacular victory for the away fans? Please don’t let it go to penalties…

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