Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 2 - Episode 1: Tasmania

Episode 1: Tasmania

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This week, Robson packs his bags and rods for a trip far off the beaten track in search of pristine fishing grounds that even Australians regard as down under. His destination is the Australian island of Tasmania.

Utterly committed to their fishing, Tasmanians have more boats per head and land more fish than their counterparts anywhere in Australasia. Tasmanians are the proud owners of 20 national game fish records.

In this remote fishing Shangri-la, Robson’s reputation counts for nothing. Here he must prove himself as an angler from scratch. He begins with an extreme hunt for a truly terrifying fish, the Mako shark, and the fisherman he is up against is a Tasmanian legend.

Next, he challenges a fanatical fisherman who knows everything about the curious-looking and elusive elephant fish, a fish that has never seen the end of Robson’s rod. Then he embarks on a hunt for bream against a champion and current holder of eight titles. This man lives and breathes bream, but doesn’t eat them…

Finally, Robson takes on a fisherman descended from one of the first convict settlers in Tasmania. Which of them will catch the most brown trout?



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