Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 2 - Episode 3: Iceland

Episode 3: Iceland

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For his first battle, Robson heads to the Westman Islands, south of the capital Reykjavík. Icelanders claim that these small, remote volcanic islands are the cod capital of the world. His opponent is a man who was born into a fishing dynasty and caught his first cod at the ripe old age of seven. The man who pulls in the most cod wins the day.

Next, Robson travels to the frozen wastelands of the highlands to join a group of ice fishermen. His opponent for the day is a retired professional opera singer, who uses every trick in his song book to put Robson off his game. The target is Arctic char and the angler who lands the heaviest combined weight is the winner. Victory is traditionally washed down with a shot of Icelandic hooch.

Robson then takes on a Viking blacksmith with a terrifyingly long cast. Perched on the rugged cliffs over Eyja Fjord they cast into the icy sea for dab and cod. The further they cast, the better the chance of catching. Robson has to pull everything out of the bag to win this challenge.

In the penultimate round, Robson fishes against the head of the Icelandic Sea Angling Association.
Robson arrives in the northwest of the country expecting to meet a man called Alan but instead is greeted by a beautiful woman called Elin. Their target for the day is a fish that Robson has never seen before, let alone caught. The infamous wolf fish is a bottom dweller with bone-crushing teeth and anti-freeze for blood. This is a creature more than capable of removing one’s hand, and Robson’s obvious fear is well-founded.



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