Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 1 - Episode 4: Canada

Episode 4: Canada

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Robson heads into the Canadian wilderness for this week’s challenge to face four of the country’s most experienced fishermen in some of its most jaw-droppingly beautiful locations.

Summer is in bloom so the usual white snows have been replaced by an explosion of colour and life. Robson heads to the back country of British Columbia to kick off. He visits the stunning Fraser River Canyon in search of the white sturgeon, the biggest freshwater fish in North America. It has roamed the local waters since the days of the dinosaurs. Coincidentally, facing Robson is a man that people call the 'T-Rex of sturgeon fishing' – an ice-hockey player and fishing athlete!

Then it is on to Gold Rush territory and the Yukon. Only a float plane will deliver him to the remote Coghlan Lake, often considered one of the top three fishing destinations in the world. Here, Robson faces off against some grizzled Canadian experts. This is fly-fishing just like back on the Tyne – can Robson bring some home advantage to this far-flung wilderness?

Heading to the turquoise waters of the pristine Takhini River for his next bout, Robson enters bear
country. A quick refresher course in how to face down a marauding grizzly does little to inspire confidence in Robson ahead of his match with a Canadian survival specialist. Arctic grayling is the target here and the rule is that the first to catch five grayling, without getting eaten by a bear, wins!

His final destination is Lake Kathleen in the mountainous Kluane National Park. His opponent is the best char fisherman in the Yukon, and the loser here has to spend a night alone in the wilderness...


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