Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 2 - Episode 4: Hawaii

Episode 4: Hawaii

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Hawaii offers excellent sport fishing for enthusiasts and the Pacific blue marlin is the ultimate prize. Casting off for the first challenge, Robson is looking forward to catching one of these big game fish. He is up against a very experienced opponent, a winner of numerous competitions, with a personal best catch of a massive 1400lb marlin. It is not his opponent that Robson needs to be wary of though, a dolphin also has its eye on the target!

Next, Robson meets an angler who has been fishing these waters since he was six years old. As his opponent knows the remote areas like the back of his hand, victory will be a tall order for Robson as they hunt giant prawns in Waipio. They have two hours to see who can land the heaviest catch. Robson’s third challenge is one that he is more determined to win than ever. He is fishing for largemouth bass on Lake Wilson against not just an award-winning champion fisherman, but also another TV star. His opponent presented his own fishing show for 11 years. He can talk the flippers off a dolphin and is as good on camera as Robson!

Robson lands in deep water on his next challenge, while deep-sea fishing on a state-of-the-art kayak. After a sudden storm snaps the mast, his local opponent is happy to keep going, but Robson fears for his safety and pulls the plug. Finally, Robson tries his hand at slide baiting, a unique local fishing method conducted at night from rocks. Things soon start to get slippery and Robson almost ends up in the back of an ambulance!



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