Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 1 - Episode 5: Texas

Robson Green

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Robson is in the Lone Star State, Texas. Heading straight to the Trinity River for the first challenge, he kicks off by chasing an absolute monster – the alligator gar. The second biggest freshwater fish in North America and looking as much reptile as fish, the alligator gar is one of the most ferocious looking predators anywhere in the world.

Next is a match up on the competitive college fishing circuit on an ex-military lake now stocked with wide-mouth bass.

Out on the Gulf of Mexico, Robson takes on the locals catching America’s favourite seafood – shrimp. These are hard-working and hard-boiled Texan fishermen and the goal is to bring in a higher dollar value of shrimp than your opponent in a day’s fishing. The stakes are high as the loser has to slop out the winner’s boat!

Robson then faces one of the crazier forms of fishing: fishing for shark from a beach! First, some unlucky soul has to get the lure 300 yards out into shark infested waters. If they make it back in one piece, the fishing can begin.

Will Robson do Britain proud, or will his Texan opponent prove to be the ultimate predator?



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