Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 2 - Episode 5: South Africa

Episode 5: South Africa

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Robson visits South Africa, where he goes in pursuit of yellowfish in the company of two of the country's leading yellowfish specialists, experienced Yuri Janssen and Tim Babich, ranked as South Africa's number one fly fisherman. Thankfully, Robson has invited along a special team mate of his own –his uncle Matheson, the man who introduced him to fishing.

Travelling south to the coast, Robson tries fishing from a ski boat in South Africa's tempestuous waters. For his third challenge, Robson heads to Cape Town, where he faces one of the world's most feared predators – the great white shark. He meets Dean Dickinson, an expert shark fisherman who runs a Pro Beach fishing league and will happily yank a shark out of the ocean by its tail with his bare hands. Robson prepares to face one of his greatest fears when he gets up close and personal with a great white in the water...

Oilskins are required for the penultimate task, as Robson heads out to sea with a team of commercial fishermen looking for snoek. Robson discovers that they can catch up to 500 snoek a day, but they must also do battle with the unrelenting elements.

To round off this epic journey, Robson enters South Africa’s most prestigious sports fishing contest, The Richards Bay Billfish Tournament. He faces tough competition from hundreds of the world's top anglers, who converge on the country’s south coast in pursuit of the biggest billfish. It is a deep-sea angler's dream, with huge prizes at stake. Can Robson win some silverware for his trophy cabinet?



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