Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 1 - Episode 6: East Coast, USA


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Tue 20:00 9 Feb

Casting off in the Big Apple, Robson is hoping for a bite big enough to beat the local champion, a colourful, cigar-chomping Italian-American known as the Tony Soprano of fishing. Under the watchful eye of the Statue of Liberty, they fish the well-stocked waters around Manhattan island on the hunt for bluefin tuna.

Hoping for an even bigger bite, Robson heads off to the town that inspired 'Jaws'. Montauk is the shark capital of the East Coast and here Robson is up against the nephew of the legendary shark hunter said to have inspired the Captain Quint character in 'Jaws'. The men will need all their strength, experience and wits about them as they try to reel in some of the most dangerous predators in the ocean.

Robson's next stop is Long Island, for a unique challenge: skishing (fishing while swimming in a wetsuit). The idea is that, if you hook something big enough, it becomes something akin to waterskiing! Robson is competing against the man who invented this perilous but exhilarating sport. Out they both paddle into a shark hotspot...

Round four takes Robson to Maine, to engage in a boat versus boat challenge to see who can trap the most Maine lobster in a day’s fishing. The rancid stench of rotten fish used to bait the traps is a challenge in itself. Robson has a glamorous assistant to help him, but his Geordie charm gets a little lost in translation and she doesn’t take the bait.

For his final East Coast match, Robson travels to Gloucester, Massachusetts. Here, in the oldest fishing village in the entire USA, he hooks up with his latest rival: a sassy, straight-talking female fisher who seems to be a cross between Lulu and Captain Ahab! As they fish for cod and haddock, Robson quickly finds he is up against a ruthless opponent. Will he beat her, or will he find himself a fish out of water?


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