Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 1 - Episode 7: Peru

Robson in Peru

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Peru is the next stop on the tour, one of South America’s largest countries and seat of the ancient Incan empire. Robson fishes in the world’s largest river, its largest ocean, and in one of its highest mountain ranges.

An almost 4,000m ascent on foot up the Andes mountains takes Robson’s breath away as he travels to meet his first opponent, a local village chief and expert fisherman. Their target fish are lake trout. Will Robson’s fly fishing knowledge be enough to defeat the traditional handlining skills of the cocoa leaf-chewing Peruvian? Either way, the locals are sure to curry favour with the Northumbrian by serving up the local delicacy of grilled guinea pig!

700 miles north at the village of Pimentel on the Pacific coast, Robson tests himself against the local reed canoe fishermen. Staying on one of these is akin to staying on a greasy log and with the waves crashing in on the beach, the biggest challenge might be paddling through the breakers to the open sea. One way or the other, there will be a winner.

Next stop is the mighty Amazon,where Robson meets his youngest opponent yet – a 14 year-old handlining specialist. The pair set off down this stunning waterway in search of peacock bass, but will Robson beat the boy before his bedtime?

Staying in the Amazon for his next challenge, Robson faces another local expert, this time hunting the goliath catfish. These creatures are enormous – Robson might be able to hook one, but will he have the strength to land it?

The final clash of Robson’s Peruvian tour is another kettle of fish altogether – spear fishing. Armed with a spear gun and awetsuit, this is not exactly fly-fishing on the Tyne. As he plumbs the inky depths in low visibility, will Robson have the nerve to succeed in these tough conditions?



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