Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 2 - Episode 7: New Zealand

Episode 7: New Zealand

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Tue 12:00 8 Dec

Robson heads for the other side of the globe and the fishing challenge of his dreams – New Zealand. The flight from Newcastle to New Zealand takes 32 hours, but for any angler the trip is worthwhile. New Zealand is one of the most hostile sporting environments on earth, and Robson knows that he is in for a battle.

His first challenge takes him to the waters off the port of Nelson on the north coast of New Zealand's South Island. After being dropped in by helicopter, he faces an extreme challenge that requires an extreme form of angler, such as his opponent. Toby Reid is a man who specialises in fishing the places other fishermen cannot reach. The target for the day is the New Zealand Blue Cod, a sports fish Robson has never caught before.

Robson then heads for the mouth of the Hurunui River on the South Island's east coast, where he goes after Kawahai or the Salmon of the Sea. Teaming up with two fiercely proud expat Brits who have fished this spot for 16 years, they take on the might of the All Blacks of angling – three crack local fishermen who fish with the sort of extreme aggression normally reserved for the rugby field. Wearing the red of the British Lions, Robson and his team surf-cast for Kawahai from Hurunui Beach, but one of his team-mates doesn't want to get wet and the other gets his reel tangled.

Heading north, Robson visits the South Island’s majestic mountainous interior, known as Lord of the Rings country as it was used as the backdrop for several scenes from the blockbuster movies. On the Wairauriver, Robson tries his hand at eel fishing, Maori style, before he gains access to an exclusive fishing lodge where he meets a trout stalker extraordinaire.



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