Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Series 2 - Episode 8: Mauritius

Robson Green

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Robson flies over 6,000 miles from the UK to this fisherman’s wonderland for a five-round angling face-off. When Robson first visited in 2000, his passion for extreme fishing took off. Over a decade later, he returns to prove himself by taking on the very man who first taught him to deep sea fish.

His opening challenge takes him to the dazzling lagoons in the south east of the island. His opponent for the day, Dominique Thevanau (aka The Dominator) is a fishing veteran whose extreme speciality is taking a fly rod into the surf that breaks on the edges of the lagoons. The pair target the huge shoals of giant trevally feeding on the reefs, with the person who catches the most fish winning. But it seems that Robson is catching more surf than fish.

For his next challenge, he heads inland to the island’s fertile interior in search of one of the best kept angling secrets in Mauritius. Among the thousands of cane fields lies a little-known lake that is a bass fishing haven. He challenges a lifelong Mauritian fisherman who can net 40 bass in a single day, but his first task is to find the lake…



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