Robson's Extreme Fishing Countdown

Robson's Extreme Fishing Countdown


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Over the past four years, Robson has been to the far corners of the earth in search of the weird, the wonderful and the downright wacky. From South Africa to the South Pacific, he has travelled the world on the fishing adventure of a lifetime. In this episode, he recalls his most memorable moments.

Over 38 episodes, he has found himself in some tricky situations and come face to face with some truly incredible fish, fromthe prehistoric six-gill shark to the highly poisonous fugu fish. He has wrestled with the mighty marlin and reeled in the ruby snapper.

We join Robson as he remembers his visit to remote Ascension Island, where he fought the biggest battle of his life against a shark. He also relives his epic journey to Papua New Guinea, where he faced the most baffling fish he has ever come across, the aptly nicknamed 'giant goldfish'.