Rory and Will - Champions of The World

Series 1 - Episode 1: Central and East

Episode 1: Central and East

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This week, Rory and Will are driving their Morris Traveller east, where England slips uninsured into the sea and where, as they soon find out, people live on the edge. They begin in King’s Lynn, where Alan Cooper reigns supreme as the world champion of Reliant Robin racing. Here, these famed three-wheelers are driven to near destruction and when race time comes Rory certainly isn’t above a spot of tactics or cheating. Will goes in for some heroic driving, but after an unfortunate nudge on the track he ends up upside-down.

Rory and Will soon discover that the more sedate challenges are no less competitive as they head into Rutland to vie for the title of world’s greatest tosser. The coin-tossing game of nurdling dates back to the 17th century and Rory and Will must learn the rules before taking on the best. The world thumb-wrestling championships take place in Lowestoft in Suffolk, Britain’s easternmost point. With their digits firmly placed in the wrestling ring, Rory and Will are prepared for the ultimate test of strength. Rory’s tactic is to get up close and personal to distract his opponents but, as Will points out, it’s thumb wars, not tongue wars.

This week’s journey ends in Haddenham, as they try to best the world champions of pea-shooting. As the laser-guided sights soon reveal, there is no limit to how these children’s toys can be adapted. Both our heroes fancy their chances, but by the end only one shooter can win and the locals are ready to proclaim a new pea man the best in the world.

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